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7 Powerful [And Free] WordPress Security Plugins To Make Businesses Like Yours Fly Higher

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The most future-proof businesses in WordPress today always use topnotch WordPress security plugins to elevate their operations.

But do you want to know which plugins they use so you can also use them for your own WordPress website? Find out the answer below.


This blog post is everything you need to know about the top-level WordPress security plugins used by some of the leading companies today.

Most importantly, this article will help you find the best WordPress security plugins to install in your website that suit your business. Secondly, this article helps make your website or online shop rank higher on search engines and reach your business goals quicker.


Because you already have the best ideas, business vision and startup plans. In other words, all you now need are the right tools to propel your e-commerce store to its highest potential.

Understandably, you’re not reaching the most number of people today that will care about your products and services. Because of that, you need the right eCommerce plugins to get you there.

However, how do these plugins help solve your WordPress security issues? Let’s unravel below.

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How do the best WordPress security plugins work? 

WordPress security plugins work by improving your WordPress’ optimization score and performance levels. Through the help of developers who alter these plugins by adding or writing their own code, your website performs better as a result.

For that reason, your website developer can make your website appear on the first page of Google. Add to that, your WP support can also make sure your site is malware-free.

Thus, these plugins should be part of your website maintenance and support services toolkit. 

Not only that, the powerful filters available in WordPress will enable users to change or add new features to add more value to your business, increasing your market reach and conversion scores.

No wonder some of the big brands today use WordPress and its plugins to get where they are right now:

Accordingly, the first reason why WordPress works is because it’s open source, and you can add as many modifications as you want. 

Therefore, the original source code of WordPress is made free for all and you can modify it to fit your own business goal or website’s vision. 

But no doubt, WordPress is made more awesome with these plugins.

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. You can also get many of these powerful, business-transforming WordPress ecommerce plugins free of charge!

That’s because these plugins will define the number of people your website or online store reaches, and how successful your campaigns, business, portfolio or advocacies online can become.

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Therefore, without the right plugins, your website will run so slow that people immediately bounce away from your site, increasing your bounce rate and lowering your SEO rankings. 

Lower SEO rankings will make your website or products and services harder to find on Google and other search engines.

Not only that. Without the most updated and best ecommerce plugins in the market, you can put your WordPress website at risk from attacks, exposing your data and privacy to hackers.

As a result, these plugins are your WordPress website’s offense and defense. Now you might be asking: what plugins should I look for from a WordPress website management services team?

Read on to answer that.

wordpress security without plugins

What Plugins Do I Need To Put In My WordPress Security Checklist?

First of all, the WordPress security plugins you need depend on the kind of direction you’re aiming for your website. But all of these plugins allow you more power and features in your WordPress website.

From minor tweaks to major overhauls, these plugins can even turn a single-page website into a multilayer online store.

Second, the best WordPress maintenance companies today use these plugins to assist you in optimizing your site for search engines, preventing spam, and overcoming the WordPress security issues 2021 faces.

wordpress security without plugins

This means if you don’t have the right plugins, you end up doing the opposite to your website, which is to slow it down.

That said, plugins are mostly what make WordPress the most widely used content management system on the planet.

But the problem is the complete directory of plugins right now contains almost 52,000 plugins. So, which paid WordPress plugins should you install to solve your specific WordPress security issues? And which are the ones that you should pay for?

It helps if you start with these seven vital (and free) plugins that will fix WordPress security vulnerabilities and also elevate your online shop or website to the next level.

Ask your WordPress guy if they can help you install these as part of their WordPress services list.

7 Excellent WordPress Security Plugins Used By The Leading Companies


wordpress security how to stop hackers download solved by sitewhiz

1. WooCommerce

2. WPForms

3. YoastSEO

4. MonsterInsights

5. Akismet AntiSpam

6. All In One SEO

7. WP Super Cache


1 . WooCommerce

wordpress maintenance services


We’re certain that many of the 52,000 WordPress security plugins available are not being used by the leading companies today.

Which goes without saying that you should only download the plugins that apply to your online shop’s targets and the WordPress support services related to your business goals. 

Similarly, WordPress security without plugins is possible, but downloading more plugins than you need slows your website down. That’s bad for your users. 

So what if there’s a plugin that runs multiple functions and is made with e-Commerce in mind? 

Look no further. WooCommerce plugin is the one you’re looking for.

wordpress maintenance plan for woocommerceWooCommerce is arguably the ultimate, most popular plugin for eCommerce.

That’s because this plugin contains several tools that help you refine your website’s design, improve chances of your posts being shared and prevent threats from sabotaging your website’s core.

Best of all, you don’t even need to pay a cent. So make sure you include this in your WordPress security checklist!

Why WooCommerce Is The Best WordPress Security Plugin:

  • Easy and free to use.
  • WordPress-hosted, so takes load off your server, makes your site run faster. As a result, you get maximum convenience of adding essential features.
  • Large network to ask help from.

Where WooCommerce Needs Improvement:

2. WPForms


You always want to install the best WordPress security plugins that will make it easy for your potential clients or leads to get in touch with you. 

Fortunately, you can make that happen with the help of the WPForms plugin.

WPForms is one of the best WordPress security plugins for eCommerce sites to make their websites ultra user-friendly for potential leads to sign up for products and services.

That means, with WPForms, signing up to avail of your stuff will be smooth, seamless and effortless.

All the easier for you to close in on a sale.

SiteWhiz offers WordPress maintenance plans for WPFORMS

Plus, this WordPress security plugin got some of the best drag and drop form builders today, just next to Ninja Forms.

And WPForms has features to solve numerous WordPress security issues 2021 offers. Most important, it simplifies everything; from contact forms, email subscription forms, online billing, polls, surveys, to pretty much every form imaginable.

It can even program your users and readers to think that your website is literally the easiest, fastest service provider on the planet. Obviously, that’s always good for your sales conversions.

Why WPForms Is The Best WordPress Security Plugin:

  • Allows multiple forms for multiple products for your online shop.
  • Multiple pricing plans. At last, more options for your budget!
  • Powerful Anti Spam options, to protect you from annoying comments from bots.
  • Time-saving smart conditional logic that helps you get more organized, especially for email notifications.

Where WPForms Needs Improvement:

  • Can be quite expensive, and some features can be found on free plugins like Caldera Forms.
  • Other powerful features can’t be bought separately.

3.  Yoast SEO

wordpress website management yoast seo

We get it…

You, first and foremost, want to be the next Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

For that reason, you need all the time you can get to develop those ideas you have been keeping inside that smart brain of yours and turn into a lucrative business.

But you also need time to make sure your website is more reachable to your targeted audiences.

For instance, you know the importance of SEO to get your business flying places. But the effort you need to exert to work on your SEO can become overwhelming. 

Need to unload all that burden? Then you need the Yoast SEO Plugin.

In fact, this plugin makes all those things simpler so you can let it do the heavy burden of the work.

unlimited wordpress support

Why Yoast SEO Is The Best WordPress Security Plugin:

  • Helps them become a better writer. Obviously, you can’t close a sale when you don’t know the right sales words, so you need this plugin to boost your writing skill to the next level.
  • Gives you an SEO score to know what needs more work.
  • Readability Score of Your Content Feature to make sure your readers don’t have a hard time reading your content.
  • Author archives can be hidden on single author blogs, tags, archive pages, or no-index categories, as well.

Why Yoast SEO Needs More Work:

  • Needs more work understanding the intent of your content.
  • It suggests “stop words” that you need to fix. As a result, it takes up too much time even if they don’t matter in final search scores in search engines algorithms.

4. MonsterInsights

wordpress technician for MonsterInsights

Google is one of the overlords of the internet WordPress support providers need to please, and so they need MonsterInsights to connect their WordPress site to Google Analytics.

You can do the same.

You can easily get all the details you need from Google to make your website appear on Google’s first page as well.

As a result, this is one of the best ecommerce plugins for a WordPress upgrade service that will help you know how people engage with your website.

It can tell you almost everything.

What areas of the website they usually click to, what colors, words, blog posts, or questions they seem to generally go for. All of that can be analyzed with this plugin.

Moreover, this gives you insight on what you should change, add or remove into your website to increase subscribers, traffic and ultimately monetize.

No wonder MonsterInsights is used by over 3 million websites.

SiteWhiz is Dedicated WordPress support for MonsterInsights

Why MonsterInsights Is The Best WordPress Security Plugin:

  • Universal Tracking across multiple devices and campaigns ensures better assesment.
  • Comes with 1-click Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for WooCommerce and various eCommerce to increase your chances of closing a sale.
  • Better integration with Google, such as Google AMP Tracking to ensure proper attribution when users switch between AMP and non-AMP parts of your website.

Where MonsterInsights Needs More Work:

  • Pricing, as the lowest they have is just $99 for one website.
  • Therefore, Limited features in the free version

5. Akismet Anti-Spam

SiteWhiz whitelabel WordPress support for AkismetWhen you scale up your business, you need all the powerful tools to make sure your time doesn’t just get wasted blocking spam in the comment section of your website.. 

You have a new revolutionary gadget waiting to get launched.

You can’t afford to waste time! And that’s why you need to install the Akismet Anti-spam plugin so spam won’t take up your already limited precious resource.

As a result, YOU should demand this plugin from your WordPress website management services team.


For so many reasons but mainly because it’s made by WordPress’ parent company, Automatic, and so safety and security is guaranteed.

As if that’s not enough, this WP plugin has already gotten 35-million downloads.

SiteWhiz offers WordPress support forum for Akismet

Why Akismet Anti-Spam Is The Best WordPress Security Plugin:

  • Free for the first 50,000 spam attacks.
  • Made by robust team from WordPress so it has its own spam-filtering algorithm.
  • Powerful, accurate intelligence in getting rid of spam.

Why Akismet Anti-Spam Needs More Work:

  • Robust mechanism will block previous comments that are real, regardless of the parameters set.

6. All In One SEO

SiteWhiz offers website maintenance and support services forAIOSEO

If a plugin is downloaded by over 2 million websites, you can bet it’s doing its job well. The All In One SEO (AIOSEO WordPress plugin) is THAT plugin that many WordPress developers already vouch for.

It’s the WordPress SEO plugin that helps your online store get more visitors funneled to your site through search engines. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer tip to get AIOSEO installed into your site.

What many people will also love about this plugin is that it’s comprehensive in helping you make a proper SEO title, meta description and even XML sitemaps as well.

wordpress management services for AIOSEO

Why All In One SEO Is The Best WordPress Security Plugin:

  • Free.
  • Unlimited keywords.
  • E-commerce SEO Settings to boost your eCommerce store.
  • Easily connects to Google Search Console for maximum SEO.
  • Social Media optimized (AIOSEO vs Rank Math and other competitors). Thus, you reach more people.
  • Innovative team that thinks of new ways and features to help your SEO rankings, so you keep up with market changes.
  • All In One SEO Support Provided so you adjust your SEO to new changes by Google.
  • Shows you what is a good AIOSEO score to boost SEO rankings.

Why All In One SEO Needs More Work:

  • Super useful powerful features like SEO, WooCommerce, local SEO and smart schema can only be availed in premium features.
  • Sneaky upsell you can find before installing.
  • Asking price may not be worth the premium offerings.

7. WP Super Cache

SiteWhiz woocommerce maintenance service for WP Super Cache

This is what shop owners like you dread: your potential buyers will leave your online shop when their patience is tested.

So what happens when your web page loads so slow that your buyers get annoyed?

They leave your site.

You don’t want to frustrate your buyers. And that’s why you need the WP Super Cache plugin.

This plugin is what WordPress support providers use to help you with that.

This is a plugin that helps load your pages fast because it creates static pages of your online store’s page as replacements to full PHP scripts that get processed slower.

The result? Lightning-speed loading time of websites.

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There’s plenty of things you can play around with this WordPress security plugin. But simply turning the caching on can speed up your site’s load times to make your e-commerce beat its competition.

Why WP Super Cache Is The Best WordPress Security Plugin:

  • Easy to use & set up (Comparison is WP Super Cache vs WP Rocket).
  • Highly credible, downloaded by millions.
  • Mobile caching, so your site loads the fastest time possible. Thus, more visitors and leads!
  • CDN Supported, so added speed for your website.
  • Email notification supported. This means you get alerts and get response the quickest time.
  • Custom caching available to optimize loading speed.
  • WP Super Cache pricing packages are better.

Needs more work

  • Premium features need better pricing.

best wordpress maintenance companies to help with plugins


DOs and DON’Ts in Installing WordPress Security Plugins


1. Make sure your eCommerce store is clean.

Some best WordPress  securtiy plugins that are free of charge will not work to your favor. As a result, your online store will look cluttered because of redundant, old plugins that don’t do their job well.

So make sure that your ecommerce store has a clean design and a tight user interface from homepage to the blog site before installing any plugin.

2. Make the checkout page as seamless as can be.

The plugins you install for your eCommerce shop must first do this one thing: make the checkout page as seamless, intuitive and effortless as possible. It’s the last sweet stage of the buying process.

And the last thing you want is to frustrate your buyers when they’re this close to purchasing your stuff.

answer to woocommerce vs shopify question

3. Use high-res photos.

Pictures paint a thousand words. So you need to make sure that the plugins you install go in sync very well with the appropriate, high resolution photos that showcase the best of what your products or services can offer.


1. Don’t install anything you don’t need.

Double check if the WordPress security plugin you’re about to install already has features executed by other plugins in your website. That’s because redundant plugins just slow your online shop down.

2. Don’t forget to look at reviews/ratings.

The higher the quality of your WordPress security plugin, the less misery you’ll be experiencing when it goes south or is attacked by viruses.

You can filter out these plugins as well simply by looking at the reviews they’re getting.

Further, you need to go to three-star reviews, because that’s more comprehensive and fair. Some reviews these days can be bought, so you should also take that into account, and make sure you’re only reading accurate organic reviews.

3. See how often the developer updates the plugin.

You want your e-commerce to have plugins that are always updated to correct system errors and other issues. Likewise,  you need to check how responsive the developer of a plugin is.

One good way to do this is to check how recently the developer has updated the plugin and what reputation they’re getting for responding to requests for support.

white label wordpress support


And that’s it!

Those are all the free WordPress security plugins that the best WordPress support services for eCommerce use today. Use them all and it won’t be long before you elevate your eCommerce store to its highest potential!

To sum it up, this blog post will help you avoid the plugins that end up bloating up your site, and find out which ones have the best support, constant updates, good reviews and compatibility with regular WordPress config changes.

Secondly, we hope this blog post helped you get the best plugins today that can save you loads of time that you can then spend on making your business ideas fly higher!

And if you need your plugins to be constantly up to date or in constant match with WordPress’ new configurations, don’t fret.

That’s because there’s always SiteWhiz.co to give you the top-notch WordPress management services you can get at the lowest cost. 

Contact SiteWhiz About The Best WordPress Security Plugins You Can Get NOW!




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