Stop Comment Spam with Akismet

Dealing with comment spam is not what you want to spend your time doing on a daily basis.

Setting up your site so that all comment spam are automatically removed and filtered is the way to go. And it’ll save you a lot of time in the end. finds the best solution to be Akismet.

What is Akismet – WordPress Antispam

Akismet is an Automattic owned products. Automattic are the people behind and the owner is the creator of WordPress.

Akismet stops spam from reaching you in the first placae. Simply sorting it upon submission, so you don’t have to deal with it.

Since 2005 where the services started more than 500.000.000.000 spam messages have been take care of. That’s quite a lot.

How do I setup Akismet


  1. Go to your WordPress Plugins
  2. Add new plugin
  3. Search for Akismet
  4. Install and Activate
  5. After activation you can connect to your account if you have one, or you can connect it manually with an API key.
  6. Enjoy

How to get an API key?

  1. Goto
  2. Click the “Say goodbye to spam” button
  3. Select a plan (there is a free plan for personal sites)
  4. Select your options and complete the purchase
  5. Add the API key to your Akismet setup on your site

That’s it, your good to go.


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