What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

What’s the difference between running your website on WordPress.com and using the downloadable version from WordPress.org? This question is typically basis for some questions and confusion. Let me try to clear this up.


WordPress.com is the hosted version of WordPress. WordPress.com is owned and run by Automattic which is owned by Matt Mullenweg the creator of WordPress. WordPress.com provides a hosted version where you can easily sign up, create a blog and start blogging on one of the many great looking themes you can choose from.

You can even point your own domain name to your blog so it looks just like a professional website.

There is of course a cost involved here, but you have access to support and don’t have to worry about updates, security, and backups.

The cons are that your not able to do anything you want and unable to edit files and create custom plugins etc.

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WordPress.org is the self hosted version of WordPress. WordPress.com and WordPress.org runs on the same core version of WordPress. The difference here is the you download WordPress and then install the files on your own webhosting service and database.

This gives you the freedom do to whatever you want. Start a blog, create a company website, start an eCommerce business with WooCommerce and so on. The sky is the limit really. You’r also able to install and customize plugins and themes as you see fit, although this should be done by a developer of course. But you can as you have all the files available.

You do though have to take care of updates, security and backups your self.

Backup, security and updates are something that SiteWhiz.co can help you with. Check out our WordPress maintenance plans here.

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