Why WooCommerce orders numbers aren’t sequential and how to fix it

So you setup WooCommerce and getting orders, great job. But wondering why are the order numbers not following each other in perfect sync? And you would be right, that is strange that it’s not a standard featured actually.

It’s due to the way WooCommerce stores the orders in the database for the website. The wp_posts table is used and each order gets the next available ID in the database that will always be unique. So if you post a blog post, create a draft, add a new page to your site in between orders, there will be a break in the numbers.

To fix this you need a plugin to handle this and set orders with sequential numbers.

There are several plugins that can handle this. The free ones will let you set numbers with any amount of digits you wish, and the premium ones will let you also set a suffix, setting dates, and more.

I normally use this free plugin by SkyVerge https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-sequential-order-numbers/ they also have a paid version on WooCommerce.com.

Then you can edit your setup. I normally start webshops with the first order number being 1000, and then going up from there. That way it also seems as it’s not a brand new shop 🙂


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