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7 Secret Reasons Why You Have To Hire The Best WooCommerce Specialist To Make Your Online Shop Fly Higher [LIFE HACK]

This article is about the secret tips why hiring a WordPress specialist to maintain your WooCommerce store can help your business fly higher.

Because we get it.

You’re here because you want your WooCommerce to succeed to its fullest potential.

Millions of people already shop in WooCommerce. And guess what? Your WooCommerce specialist can save you chunks of time you can then use to create more wonderful products and services for millions of shoppers.

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You’re also here because we know you’ve been asking questions like:

How is the WooCommerce setup in WordPress? What’s the best WooCommerce pricing? Or how do you add e-commerce to your WordPress site? Is WooCommerce free? Or why use WooCommerce in the first place?

More important question than these is: where can you find the time to find the answers to these urgent questions?

You need more time. Your WooCommerce Support gives you all the time you need.


You can spend hours digging up the internet and read up on all those countless WordPress tutorial.  Guides to WooCommerce shortcodes are available to learn for yourself. Hours of endless reading.

Or you can work smart by just investing the time to find the right WooCommerce specialist to provide the answers for you and let them do the lion’s share of the work.

So you don’t have to.

Because wasn’t it Bill Gates who said that hiring a lazy person is ideal? There’s wisdom in that.

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Every business owner or fast-rising influencer wants to have all the time they can get to experiment on new ideas. Business owners like yourself need to grow their following and convert leads into sales. 

And you can only do that with a strong website presence through platforms like WordPress. But that’s only half the battle.

Studies suggest that you’ll save about 90% on upfront costs when you have an eCommerce partner to help scale your business.

And that’s why it just makes sense to hire a WooCommerce specialist to unburden you from maintaining your online shop or brand.

And below are the seven secret reasons they’re most likely not telling you why it makes sense to hire one:

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Secret Reason 1: Your Hired Developer Keeps You Updated on Latest WooCommerce Innovations


WooCommerce is always updating their system so that users like you can get the new features you direly requested. That is to say, these updates can boost your online store to full-throttle.

Without your WP site care specialist, you’d all be doing this yourself.

You’d have to shell out the time-consuming effort (at least 5 hours a week) to keep up with what WooCommerce downloads to do to increase your revenue higher and keep your site free from hackers. 

You’d have to always be on the lookout for bugs, WooCommerce plugin conflicts, WooCommerce theme potential security issues and stability threats that developers are always trying to resolve.

In fact, here’s just a short checklist of some updates that you regularly have to do with your online shop or standard website:

  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Updates for the extensions used to boost your WooCommerce
  • Checking if you need to upgrade on a better WooCommerce hosting site as your business grows bigger
  • Time-consuming 24/7 Daily Monitoring to see if your WooCommerce is prone to hacker’s attacks

Do you have the time for all of these? If not, your WordPress developer specializing in WooCommerce can do all this for you. 

If you want to find one with time-tested experience and an impressive track record, we prepared a guide for that in the button below.

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Secret Reason 2: Your WordPress WooCommerce Friend Helps You Find and Install Plugins That Can Make Your Website Run at Maximum Uptime


There are hundreds of WooCommerce plugins and extensions that you can install in your website that can optimize your online store. Picking one by one to see which suits your business is a hit and miss and can be a daunting task.

But with a WordPress ecommerce expert helping you, you can now filter out the plugins and extensions that don’t belong to your WooCommerce store.

There are many WooCommerce explained PDF guides out there that you can read. They can help you find the best plugins to install today that complement well with WooCommerce API.

Or you can just hire a WordPress developer to do all the WordPress support and plugins for you so you’ll be spared the stress.


For the WooCommerce extensions that help you boost your online shop and that your specialist can help you install and maintain, here are some of them:

  • OptinMonster – a powerful conversion optimizer software that converts website visitors into subscribers and customers. This helps expand your email list, assist in onsite retargeting and many others.
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist – a wishlist maker that helps customers save their favorites in a list so they can just purchase them later.
  • WooCommerce Products Slider – lets you make beautiful product sliders and carousels you can add anywhere on your WooCommerce store.

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Reason 3: Your WordPress Maintenance Team Defends Your WooCommerce From New Security Threats That Steal Your Data

Without crucial updates, malicious users can attempt to break into your online shop and steal your private data, harm your store or just plain cause chaos.

This is bad both for you and your customers as well. Likewise, a drop of trust and lost sales will likely happen when your customers’ credit card information is compromised. 

And your competition might use that stolen information to reverse engineer your website or sell it to online spammers. 

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Here are some of the ways you can avoid hackers from intruding into your WordPress site or WooCommerce shop:

  • Increase level of password difficulty for your WooCommerce store
  • Update your WordPress website
  • Delete outdated plugins that are prone to malware
  • Install security plugins

The most popular ones with the most widely acknowledged reputation today in website security would be iThemes Security and WordFence Security. 

Aside from being able to do all features stated above to your WooCommerce core, these are the plugins that will also give you two-factor authentication and other mandatory features required by Google for many commerce platforms.

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There are actually many more security features you can do with these two commerce plugins alone, such as: CAPTCHA login security to protect your site from additional bots, password generation, malware scans and content safety checker that checks the text, audio, and comments in your website for spam and other potential security threats to your online stores.

Installing these plug-ins and updating them can take a lot of your time that can be used to do other parts of your business. Plus, this is a continuous, monthly process.

Your WordPress specialist or developer will help you do all this for you. So you have more time for better, more important things.

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Reason 4: Your WordPress Maintenance Specialist Makes Sure You Won’t Lose Your Files

You can’t afford to lose all your WordPress files. When these important data get lost because malicious people got their hands on them in a hack, it’s going to cost you a lot of money and time.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

The WordPress specialist with the proper WooCommerce training that you trust can make sure your website data has a backup that you can restore to in case things go south.

If you want to do it yourself, here’s a guide below. But why would you that when your WordPress specialist can easily do it for you?

Peace of Mind

Backing up your files gives you the peace of mind you want. This means, in case catastrophic situations cause a massive blow to your site, you always have the original files with you to get it back to normal.

Some of the great plug-ins that experts from WPBeginner say are powerful to do WordPress back-ups are the following:

  1. Updraft Plus –  most popular and free WordPress backup plugin used by 2 million websites, allowing you to store your files on the cloud.
  2. Duplicator – it’s a system that not only backs up your data but also duplicates your entire WordPress website.
  3. BlogVault – this is a SaaS or software as a service plugin. It creates offsite backups for the subscribers in its own servers, and not just in the cloud.
  4. BoldGrid Backup – WordPress is the main engine behind this backup plug-in and this allows you to create automated website backups. This can restore your site after it crashes. Manual backups are also allowed.

Your WordPress Maintenance guy is the one who can save you time in installing these plugins. Your WordPress website specialist will make sure not a single file in your WordPress system is lost.

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Reason 5: Your WordPress Specialist Helps Make Your Website Reach More Audiences Through SEO


It’s always a good idea to expand your market reach.

Whether you’re a big online seller in WooCommerce or an NGO wanting to tap the platform, expanding your reach is always highly recommended.

All of these can be done through a strategic use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. And SEO is a big game to master. You’d have to learn about off-page, on-page and technical SEO in relation to WooCommerce subscriptions.

Maximum SEO Skills

Your WooCommerce specialist’s job is to make sure that they can tap their SEO skills and optimize your website.

By doing so, you can reach more people and your business ranks higher on search engines. This, then, allows for people to have a much easier time finding your business and for you to to have more leads converted into closed sales.

And even if you had the dedication and skills to perfect all of SEO, it will take so much of your precious time to plan, develop and execute.

You’d have to sacrifice a lot of your already little amount of time. Further, you’d have to learn about WooCommerce Support SEO and other important topics. Then, you’d have to learn how to troubleshoot the issues along the way.

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You don’t have to, though. From WooCommerce shortcodes to WooCommerce payments, the WooCommerce specialist will save you the time.

Just make sure you find the right specialist you can trust.

Reason 6: You Need a WooCommerce Specialist to Help You Expand Your Online Shop

It’s easy to sell, but not until you have to sell too much.

Selling hundreds of products is a whole lot different ball game from selling just a few items in a shop. Scaling your business is an overwhelming ordeal.

Your WooCommerce maintenance team allows you and your employees to get more done when scaling up. As a result, you get better business outcomes and higher sales success.

For instance, WooCommerce login and WooCommerce themes are hard to master and will take up a lot of your time, but with a specialist handling all this for you, then you can start accepting more orders to grow your business because of the available time freed up.

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Reason 7: Your WooCommerce Expert Beside You Is Your Friend You Can Rely On All Throughout Your Business Journey

There are things in your life that are best handled with a friend beside you. And your WooCommerce specialist can be that friend!

There’s just a lot of things that will continuously be on your plate as you go through your business or online brand. And WooCommerce always needs updates that you may not have the time to do yourself.

Later on, you probably need to increase your WordPress Memory Limit or optimize the new images you uploaded on your store. You need to make sure that your product descriptions are up to code and will be easy for Google to read.

And you may also need your WordPress expert friend to know how to use a cache plugin or test your WooCommerce website speed all the time.

What you need is a friend who’s an expert in WordPress because a friend is someone you can rely on and isn’t there just because you paid for their services.

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So that’s it!

You’ve just learned above the seven secret reasons they’re not telling you why you should be hiring a WooCommerce or WordPress maintenance person!

You learned that in order to scale faster and higher as a business owner, a blogger or an influencer needs a WordPress support available all the time. If you want to expand your market reach, you need the help of a WP specialist that can be there as your friend.

You just learned from above that a reliable specialist partnering you all throughout your online business journey can play a vital role to your success. 

Any business needs their data protected and secure. Not only, they need their online stores running at top speed. And the routine maintenance tasks required to keep them going can take a lot of time that would have been better spent perfecting other areas of your business.

Doesn’t sell a service. Offers solutions.


With a WooCommerce specialist helping you like a friend, you can make your life easier because someone else does the lion’s share of the work. 

From attracting leads to keeping your shoppers buying all the time, your WooCommerce expert does it for you.  They’re the ones keeping your brand consistent in your WooCommerce store. Further, the WooCommerce ninja you hire will make your business fly higher.

If you’re in need of a WordPress maintenance agency who can be there for you the quickest time possible to fix your WordPress website, SiteWhiz is glad to help.

SiteWhiz has made 300+ websites and been in the industry since 1995. It stands out in the industry by offering the same best quality WordPress maintenance services from large agencies but at half the cost.

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Can WooCommerce handle 50000 products?

Yes. As long as your WordPress website can handle the scale and volume of the orders and products. If so, you can add as many products as you’d like. It’s unlimited.

But youdon’t want to do that when you can’t make your website fast enough for that level of traffic. So it’s important to optimize your website’s load time and speed first before scaling up.

A good WooCommerce developer will make a difference in speeding up the process without sacrificing quality.

What is the best shipping plugin for WooCommerce?

It depends on what you need. However, experts can agree that WooCommerce ShipStation Gateway is one of the best shipping plugins today. It helps ecommerce store owners make the managing, importing and exporting of your orders more efficient.

It’s also free and can easily be customized depending on the scale of your business. Right now there’s about a million eCommerce sites that now use WooCommerce to scale-up their business across different industries. 

Can WooCommerce do subscriptions?

Yes. With WooCommerce Subscriptions, creating and managing products is a breeze, even tracking and counting on the residual revenue that will come from recurring payments. 

With this feature, you can offer to your clients a variety of products, both physical and virtual. Not only that, it’s an exciting feature that just adds to the many reasons why people choose WooCommerce. No wonder it’s today’s most favorable, open-source eCommerce plugin.

Is WooCommerce free to use?

An absolute yes! WooCommerce and WordPress are both free and open-source software. Which makes it adaptable to whatever design you the user wants it to have. 

Not only that. WooCommerce  is customizable and consumable by any type of business model (B2B/B2C). That means WooCommerce can elevate your business to new and exciting levels. Just make sure you have a trustworthy WordPress customer support team to assist you.

How does WooCommerce make money?

To know how WooCommerce makes money, you should start looking at the loads of practical extensions it offers. WooCommerce releases them all on their platform. That’s where their cash cow is.

It’s a great business model because WooCommerce already owns the marketplace where all these extensions run. For every extension purchase from business owners, WooCommerce also earns revenue.



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