WordPress Maintenance Service [LIFE HACKS]

7 Easy But Powerful WordPress Maintenance Service Tips To Make Your Website Lightning Fast and Secure [LIFE HACKS]

SiteWhiz.co offers WordPress Maintenance and Support services like a friend!

WordPress maintenance services are essential to starting a business or growing your empire online.

But how can you be sure you’re doing it right? In other words, how do you avoid burning money when fixing your website after an attack?

Let’s explore the powerful but simple ways you can avoid all the website threats from happening.


This is a guide about the WordPress maintenance service tips that will make your website faster and fully secure. This guide will also help you protect your site from all sorts of threats, giving you more time to grow your business.

So if you use WordPress for your business or to showcase your portfolio to potential clients, then this article is exactly made for you.

We should also add that WordPress is easily today’s most popular Content Management System (CMS).

It’s even so popular that more than 41% of the websites active right now are under the WordPress system. Here’s the best part: WordPress is still continually growing.

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Sadly, the more WordPress grows, the more that the hackers today are upping their game.

And to make sure they can catch up with WordPress’ protection systems for its users, these devilish fiends update their tricks to attack servers and WordPress plugins.

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As a WordPress site owner you can’t afford that.

You have to keep up.

Your whole business, brand or even online identity is at stake! And you could lose a lot of money when your site gets attacked.

So in this blog post, we will unpack all the most helpful, easy but powerful tips to make sure that your WordPress website has the maximum security it needs and deserves.

Let’s get started!

Life Hack #1: Find A WordPress Maintenance Service Provider You Can Trust

It helps to update your WordPress website regularly.  And one reason is so that you can fix its various bugs and vulnerabilities.

That’s an SOP, but what if you don’t have the time to do all that yourself?

What you need is a WordPress expert developer. A specialist who offers website maintenance and support services that you can trust.


Because you’re putting your entire brand in your expert WordPress engineer’s hands. And that just means you have to be careful with whom to trust to fix the bugs and keep the vulnerabilities in your WordPress site at bay.

Don’t worry. There are just three rules of thumb to remember when finding a trustworthy WordPress maintenance service agency.

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Important Criteria in Picking The Right WordPress Maintenance Service Provider

A. WordPress Maintenance Service Experience

To verify your WordPress developer’s experience, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • How many years do they have in developing solutions for WordPress bugs and attacks?
  • How many clients have they served and what are the problems they have so far solved?
  • Do they offer a white label WordPress support?

B. Reputation

Nothing can be hidden online, but it helps if you ask for your specialist’s online portfolio and profile. The profile should show the previous clients who have vetted for their skills.

The more clients who gave your WordPress engineer 5-stars in their profile, the more likely it is that you’re going to have a pleasant experience with your specialist.

More trust. Happier experience.

Testimonials of your developer’s WordPress maintenance services can usually be verified through their LinkedIn accounts. Find them, too, in Fiverr, Upwork or other high-level platform.

C. Competence

From server hardening to installation of the latest operating system and OpenSSL security software, make sure you first test drive the skills of your WordPress design agency or specialist.

It helps if you test them for a few trial contracts just to see if they can perform all the necessary tasks you require.

Also, do a comparison between the WordPress maintenance plans they offer with other providers’ WordPress maintenance service packages.

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Life Hack #2: Find A Good Hosting Company

The next life hack to keep your WordPress site secure is to find a hosting provider that can give your site multiple layers of security and the best WordPress services available.

Three things you should keep in mind when picking the right provider of WordPress maintenance packages:

  • Price
  • Security Offers
  • Customer Support

Don’t quickly go for the cheapest provider you can find, but that doesn’t mean a lower-priced one is always a bad option. You’re getting what you’re paying for, but because of tight competition, there are still great deals out there at a reasonable price.

Experts would argue that it’s best to go for a WordPress-optimized hosting provider when you’re building your website with WordPress. Your best options right now that also offer incredible security systems include: Kinsta, SiteGround, WP Engine, Flywheel, and Liquid Web.

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Life Hack #3. Keep Up With WordPress Security Updates

Since inception in 2003, WordPress has gone through an impressive level of systematic hardening of its core software.

This means that whatever security threats you can think of, WordPress has for sure taken that into account.

They  even addressed the top 10 security vulnerabilities and threats listed by the The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

But the attackers are still not giving up. So the next best tip is to make sure that you always update your WordPress site.


Because each new update means the WordPress core guys have discovered new ways to purge any malicious bugs off your website.

An added tip is to build the habit of always removing the plugins and themes you no longer use. Apart from bulking up your website with unneeded weight, you’re exposing your website to potential attacks if you don’t update or remove the plug-ins you’re not using.

So how do you make sure that your themes and plugins are updated?

And what if you don’t have both the time to learn and time to execute them? The simple fix for that is to go back to Tip #1.

It also helps to check out this short video guide on how to avoid major WordPress errors that can cause significant damage to your website:

Life Hack #4: Limit Logins

Sometimes the biggest problems in website maintenance services can be solved by the simplest solutions.

In the case with WordPress vulnerabilities, you can help prevent attacks and unauthorized code injected into your site simply by limiting the log-ins.

Setting unlimited username and password attempts in the log-in form is just giving hackers all the tools they need to succeed.

If you want to do it yourself, we made it easy for you through this complete guide on how to limit log-ins that you can just read and follow step by step. Complete guide is HERE:

wordpress website management services

Life Hack #5: Use SSL

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. And all you need to know about it is that it’s the most secure, two-way encryption benchmark right now.

It’s designed to keep all the internet connection and data for your WordPress site safe and invulnerable.

And so you must either get a trustworthy WordPress specialist to implement the SSL for your site or learn it yourself.

The best, most stress-free path is obviously just going for a trustworthy developer, but if you want to learn it yourself, here’s your complete guide that you can easily follow: Click Here.

If you want to learn more about SSL, this video is a good place to start:


But while SSL is a great protection, it’s not always enough. And that’s why you need the next tip.

Life Hack #6: Hide wp-config.php and .htaccess files

Your wp-config.php file acts as the heart of your WordPress site. When this is infected, your whole WordPress installation and its crucial data will be compromised.

And compromise is a word you never want to hear about your WordPress site or online store.

A neat trick you can do to keep your wp-config.php safe is to move it up above the WordPress root directory. Your entire WordPress site is still intact, but your hackers will find it extra hard to corrupt that file.

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Life Hack #7: Install a Firewall

You can’t underestimate the power of firewalls, even the default ones built in on your computer.

A good firewall protects your WordPress website from various online threats by keeping away every strange or suspicious variable from intruding into your website.

If you’re a small business owner or a non-techy WordPress website user and you want to install the WordPress Firewall by yourself, WPBeginner has an excellent tutorial you can just follow without sweat. Click Here.

Life Hack Tip #8: Always Backup Your WordPress Sites

Backing up your WordPress website regularly keeps your WordPress website always protected from irreversible data loss.

Creating regular WordPress backups simply means you upload your website data to the cloud using WordPress backup plugins. Or you store it in a secure hard drive then placed in a dry place free from extreme weather conditions or hackers.

That way, when something goes south in your WordPress site, you can always restore it back to its default settings. Why? Because the backup files are securely stored away.

Some of the best WordPress backup plugins today approved by experts include: UpdraftPlus (allows for cloud or download backup); Jetpack Backups (formerly VaultPress); and BackupBuddy (best used to duplicate and migrate websites).

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And that’s it. You now know some of the best WordPress maintenance service tips today!

The last thing you want is to start from scratch because your WordPress site just got hacked. Thankfully, the tips we unpacked above will give you less things to worry about because they’d give you maximum, robust WordPress security.

Just follow the tips above and you’ll have the fastest and healthiest WordPress site that you want, so you can have more time to focus in growing your business.

If you need assistance on how to secure, maintain and bring in lots of traffic from your WordPress site, don’t hesitate to call us at SiteWhiz, Click Here

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!


What are the best WordPress maintenance tools or plug-ins I can install for free?

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you could also install:

  • Sucuri Security – known to protect other platforms like Drupal, Magento and Joomla. This stands out because it’s free and can offer a complete scan for blacklisting, malware and other security-related issues.
  • MalCare – this free plug-in stands out because of its one-click mechanism to remove all malware from your website. If you’re always looking for a free WordPress Maintenance Service in your toolkit, this is the one.
  • Bulletproof Security – you can benefit from this plugin’s powerful firewall feature and protection from highly intrusive malware attacks.
  • Wordfence – this is an outstanding free plug-in because it letts you manage security across multiple WordPress sites in one interface.
  • Hide My WP – this is the best protection you can get at no cost. to protect your site from bots and theme detectors.

If you’re looking for the complete WordPress maintenance and support services to help you install these plug-ins, our team at SiteWhiz is very much happy to assist.

How do I find a trustworthy WordPress developer?

There are plenty of platforms online to find competent, experienced WordPress developers.

We at SiteWhiz are proud to be one of them. SiteWhiz aims to be one of the best WordPress maintenance companies today that will treat clients like you as a friend. We’re your friendly techie uncle; that’s our secret sauce.

We’re also a team with more than 12 years of WordPress experience. And so we’ve encountered every possible WordPress problem imaginable.

That’s why we’re confident we can fix all issues that can appear on your site! And we can prove this by the happy clients we served. Let’s talk!



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